Siempre he sido una romanticona (en el fondo) y una detallista (aunque si, a veces me hace esperar demasiado de los demás) y guardo mil etiquetas, entradas de cine, conciertos, exposiciones, recibos de restaurantes. Documento viajes y experiencias, colecciono recuerdos en trocitos de papel que pego desordenadamente en mis cuadernos de viaje o meto en botes […]

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  And sometimes, you need shocking bad news to open your eyes and START LIVING IT TO THE FULLEST.  Would you regret anything if you died tomorrow? Would you be happy with the years lived? Would you be missed? Try and think this before you go to bed. What if this was your last day […]

T – «You’re a character from Indiana Jones» Then he added this video: T – «That’s your life I think» Me – «This is pretty accurate at this point in my life»

At first you see the amazing Zurriola beach, everyone just chillin’ during sunset, skateboards, surfboards, people walking their dogs, and you, having a beer at the beach. ALL IS GOOD. Until you realize San Sebastian is more expensive than New York.

I always wonder why birds choose to stay at the same place, when they could fly anywhere else on Earth. Then, I ask that question to myself.

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The Ballet of Bluffs

... he uncloaks with a proud grin, as he crosses a continent on foot boycotting money and national identification

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Exploring the past, present, and future of trash

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