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When everyone is coupled up for the Holidays – Soy la única soltera de mi grupo de amigos

¡Moriré sola y Feliz Navidad! If you also have suffered from piercing eyes during family dinners, and have heard yet another person ask: “And you, still not a boyfriend to bring home for Xmas time?” I recommend you answer: “And you, haven’t you died yet?” This post is for you.

Who says the nights are for sleeping?

  I don’t…

Forgot your password?

by Alberto Montt – dosis diarias Brain – “It’s time to erase your hard drive” Heart – “I’m sorry, your password does not belong to your user name” Así me siento. Conclusión tras llevar unas 3 semanas de vuelta en casa. Dos fuerzas tiran de mí, cada una en un sentido distinto y opuesto. No […]

Anarya's Sanctuary

Scribbles, thoughts, and a few forgotten memories...

The Ballet of Bluffs

... he uncloaks with a proud grin, as he crosses a continent on foot boycotting money and national identification

Whither Waste?

Exploring the past, present, and future of trash

Líneas cruzadas

Xoán Leiro


las cosas que le gustan a mr wonderful