Mis caminos se desvían esta vez, y por sorpresa, y en poco tiempo, me llevan a un destino inesperado. No vuelvo a Nueva York, por ahora. Mi próxima aventura me lleva al Este de Europa. Es la cuarta vez que hago preparativos para marcharme, inmigrar de nuevo, volar desde Bilbao. Pero, ¿Que pasa cuando te […]

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Do you know these times, when you listen to a song and all of a sudden, it takes a whole different meaning to you? These are some of my favorite love and heartbreak songs in Spanish. Our own language has sometimes an exact word for some feelings that another language can’t explain. Some touch your […]

En España, de cada diez cabezas, nueve embisten y una piensa Y por eso, me quiero ir de aquí.

¡Moriré sola y Feliz Navidad! If you also have suffered from piercing eyes during family dinners, and have heard yet another person ask: «And you, still not a boyfriend to bring home for Xmas time?» I recommend you answer: «And you, haven’t you died yet?» This post is for you.

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The Ballet of Bluffs

... he uncloaks with a proud grin, as he crosses a continent on foot boycotting money and national identification

Whither Waste?

Exploring the past, present, and future of trash

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