Do you know these times, when you listen to a song and all of a sudden, it takes a whole different meaning to you? These are some of my favorite love and heartbreak songs in Spanish. Our own language has sometimes an exact word for some feelings that another language can’t explain. Some touch your […]

En España, de cada diez cabezas, nueve embisten y una piensa Y por eso, me quiero ir de aquí.

¡Moriré sola y Feliz Navidad! If you also have suffered from piercing eyes during family dinners, and have heard yet another person ask: “And you, still not a boyfriend to bring home for Xmas time?” I recommend you answer: “And you, haven’t you died yet?” This post is for you.

My New Year resolution won’t be a typical one: I will take good care of my body (Go to the gym, eat healthy, quit smoking…) I will save more money and cut on things I don’t really need (can’t go together with the next point) I will travel more, and more often I MUST learn […]

Spain and the Basque Country are small but diverse countries. Along with their differences, come their similarities. I am going to explain next, what  a perfect winter holiday Calendar for our dear land would be. Get ready for the chilly months! ( November to January) Roasted Chestnuts – Magosto in Galicia Roasted chestnuts are not  […]

Mi segundo Acción de Gracias en EE.UU. fue típico y atípico al mismo tiempo. Mi entonces compañera de piso y gran artista, Claire, nos invitó a pasar esta fecha tan especial en Lawrenceville, en el estado de New Jersey. Para ello, fuimos en tren hasta Trenton y su padre nos vino a recoger para llevarnos […]

In 1948 Eusko Ikaskuntza-Basque Studies Society established the Basque Language Day which since has been celebrated yearly throughout the world on December 3rd. The Basque Language Day is specially directed to Basque Diaspora communities, which even if they are thousands of kilometers far from the Basque Country, fight for keeping Basque culture alive. Now that I am […]

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